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Unit A, 14/F 
Two Chinachem Plaza 
135 Des Voeux Road Central 
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2545-3038
Fax: (852) 2545-3098
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Debt Financing

First Asia Finance International Limited (FAFIL), a licensed money lender in Hong Kong, takes care of Ample Finance Groups debt capability including debt advisory and debt financing.
Scope of services
1. Secured Finance
Provide short to medium term financing to high networth client against marketable securities, real estate and other fixed assets.
2. Bridging Finance
Provide short term bridging finance for imminent completion of corporate deals.
3. Debt Advisory
Advise on current debt structure to :
  • Enhance liquidity through maturity profile and financing mix management;
  • Improve debt to equity management through possible off balance sheet financing, debt reduction programme etc.; and
  • Minimize debt concentration risk through diversification of financing parties.
Review and help reshape banking profile including, where appropriate
  • Rendering advice on terms and conditions, collateral arrangements on existing bank facilities;
  • Introducing and help negotiating new banking relationships; and
  • Arranging syndicated financing and/or limited recourse project financing.
4. Debt Restructuring
Examine corporate financing status and
  • Propose debt restructuring plan to alleviate corporate debt servicing and cashflow pressure; and
  • Assist in debt restructuring negotiations.
Mr. Michael Tang, a graduate of The University of Hong Kong with a first class honour degree in Social Science. He is a seasoned banker with more than 25 years experience in debt financing and risk management.
Who Should consider FAFILs service?
Companies looking for
- better aligning debt capital
- expanding debt financing
- syndicating substantial funding requirements with or with limited recourse
- bridging finance
Contact Us
Tel :       (852) 3752-2186
Fax:       (852) 2545-3261
Email :    michael@amplecap.com
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